Logo Design

Gladiator Performance

An action-packed mascot logo for a youth sports performance and fitness training company.

Marketing Smart

A wordmark logo that represents the company’s ability to make your business soar through a targeted marketing approach.


Logo design for an old-fashioned, 50s style soda shop and ice cream bar.

Focus HR

A wordmark logo that represents how the company dials in on your company’s specific HR needs, with an industrial-looking graphic.

Tim Hager

A clean, wordmark logo for a professional business.

Forefathers LLC

A clean, wordmark logo with an abstracted feather icon, representing the fact that it’s a Native American-owned business.

Logo Redesign

Maybe your logo is just in need of an updated look – like New Day Media. There wasn’t anything particularly terrible about their current logo, they were just in need of a fresh, new look.